Rental Application

This the homepage for the Brickyard located at 142 Pleasant Street, Easthampton, Massachusetts.  The property was purchased on August 17, 2009 by Kheper, LLC - owned and operated by James R. Witmer, II of Florence, MA. 

The property is vintage 1910 mill building construction typical of the area.  It was a part of a larger complex from the textiles industry that once flourished in the region.  It is surrounded on three sides by the Sulco and Paragon Arts & Industries Buildings to the north and east, with the bike path, orchestral shell and Lower Mill Pond to the south. 

The 'footprint' of the building is 38,000 square feet and the total floor space of the building approximately 174,000 square feet.  The electrical service is 600 volt, 3 phase.  There is common access to three loading docks.  The building is fully sprinklered with new security and fire alarm systems. 

Since acquiring the building, improvements and upgrades have been made to the security system, fire alarm, electrical service, plumbing and the sprinkler control system, including a modern electricity metering system designed to track individual tenant rates of consumption as well as major capital improvements such as the new roof, refurbished freight elevator and a completely new passenger elevator.

Using this site you can take a look at the building, both inside and out, get directions, review available spaces and rental rates, submit an application for a space and eventually pay your rent.

Much like the building, this site is still under construction.